Links 2019 May 27 Memorial Day

Photo: War News Updates

News Links

Memorial Day 2019 Morning Report by J.J. Sefton on Ace of Spades
Commentary and headline links

Military And Intelligence News Briefs — May 27, 2019, War News Updates
News links

World News Briefs — May 27, 2019, War News Updates
News links

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/26/2019
News summaries and links

Continental Breakfast by BlazingCatFur
Select news summaries and links

Monday morning links by BirdDog at Maggie’s Farm
Brief news summaries and links

Photo: Patriot Retort

Memorial Day Links

A Glorious Memorial Day! —Dianny at Patriot Retort

Here Rests in Honored Glory — Ann Barnhardt

Memorial Day 2019 – Freedom and Release – Wm Jocobson, Legal Insurrection

Honor the Fallen: President Trump Proposed Memorial Day Pardons Right Horrible Wrongs — Pamela Geller

On Memorial Day: Two Medals of Honor, Two Names, and The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier —Patrick O’Donnell on Breitbart

Memorial Day — The First Proclamation — War News Updates

Memorial Day 2019. We Remember —Michelle’s Mirror

Green Berets Make Sure Brothers Buried at Arlington Are Not Forgotten — Kristina Wong on Breitbart
h/t MJA at IOTW Report


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