If There is Hope, It Lies in the Deplorables


It’s frequently said, 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a guidebook. Here is a parsing of how the techniques of 1984 are in play today.

…“Do you believe in God?” O’Brian asks Winston. “No.” says Winston. He only believes that there is something, some human spirit. But of course he does not believe in God. Could he even believe in God when all of the teachings of God have been eliminated, when all of the language that might have been used to describe even the concept has been systematically wiped out?

Even the words that are still in use have had their meanings changed. There is no concept of “free,” it is explained in the appendix, that does not mean “free from” as in “the dog is free from lice.” There is no concept of freedom to. Ingsoc, Orwell writes, has nothing to do with what he knew as the concept of English Socialism.

Just think of the disturbing parallels in language today! 50 years ago the term “Liberal” meant someone who believed in freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. Remember that old saying, “I disagree with you but I will fight to the death for your ability to say it”? The groups that have co-opted the term liberal today often do not uphold any of these principles in practice. The modern left wing silences people and attacks them in the street for “crimethink.” Not so long ago, Fascists and Nazis were those who used this technique but by a simple trick of language, the places have reversed, old fashioned liberals are fascists and fascists are liberals. It’s simple, words mean what The Party wants them to mean. We police ourselves in search of crimethink and schools become training grounds for this lack of history and mutilated language. How can one believe in the principles of liberty when one does not even have the language to express it in one’s own head.…

Read the whole thoughtful article at Indigenous Earthling


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