TDS Epidemic Today

Selected Headlines from Breitbart, yesterday and today

  • Teen Vogue Teaches Young Readers Trump Administration’s Title X Rule ‘Unlawful’
  • Rob Reiner Erupts: ‘Stop This Narcissistic Soulless Fool or Say Goodbye to US’
  • CNN’s Navarro: Trump Is ‘President Loco’
  • Al Green Ready for Fourth Impeachment Attempt: Trump Has ‘Unleashed Bigotry’–‘Causing Death and Destruction’
  • Andrew Yang: I’m ‘Better at the Internet’ than ‘Buffoon’ Trump
  • Schiff: Our Allies Will Wonder if Trump Was ‘a Bout of Insanity’ or ‘Recurring Virus’
  • Brennan: ‘Keep 2020 Olympians Away from Trump Until After the Election’
  • CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Defenders’ Efforts ‘Increasingly Futile’
  • Swalwell: Trump So Alienating Our Allies They Might Not Help Us If America Is Attacked
  • MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Trump’s ‘War with Denmark’ Shows He Is ‘Heading Up Skyward in the Craziness Department’
  • Duffy: Trump’s Rhetoric and Tone Has ‘Turned Off’ Traditionally Republican Suburban Women
  • Pete Buttigieg: Stress Under Donald Trump a Cause of Mental Health Crisis in America
  • Pete Buttigieg Warns of Spike in ‘Unplanned Parenthood’ Under Trump
  • Scarborough: Republicans Will Suffer for Supporting Trump ‘for the Rest of Their Careers
  • Julian Castro: ‘I Applaud’ News Outlets for Calling Trump ‘Racist’

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