Could Have Been Much Worse

NaCly Dog on A♠:

September 11th.

We got lucky. Even if the hijackers were not stopped by those security people or the police in their traffic stops, as known wolves.

The towers held together long enough to get most out. A tribute to sound design, solid Union workmanship, and heroes leading people out of the buildings.

If the attack was later in the morning, the towers hit lower, and the towers fell quickly, that is 70,000 dead. A nuke hit level of dead.

Plus the Pentagon had one wall (of 5) just upgraded in strength. The wall the jet hit. Could have been a lot worse there.

And finally, the brave passengers and crew of Flight 93 fought back, and stopped 25% of the attack, when the Air Force was not effective in stopping any of it.

That day is vivid in my memory. I will never forget.

Milady and I had gone to town late in the morning, turned on the news, and heard, “The World Trade Centers are gone.” I didn’t yet know how, but I knew who, damn them.

Came back to the ranch and told the kids the news, as much as we had at that point. I told them, this is your Pearl Harbor.


They utterly destroyed the Axis in only four years.


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