AmerIndians on Warpath with Psychohantus

Captain Hate at February 27, 2020 11:55 AM on A♠
In fairness to Psychohantus, she spent time recently with unfunny Colbert, one of the more annoying retards with an audience of clapping seals.

I don’t know if credit goes to Captain Hate for inventing this permutation of Fauxcahantus, but Psychohantus is a good one.

Over 200 Native Americans Demand Elizabeth Warren Retract Her Family Lore Stories About Being Cherokee

William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection

“Like many other white families, your family story of Cherokee and Delaware ancestry is false and it was wrong for you to repeat it as an adult. You have had the genealogical evidence since 2012. Stating you do not qualify for citizenship is not enough; the truth is you and your ancestors are white.”

More words and several related videos at Legal Insurrection.

Around where I live is called the Cherokee Nation. They and the Osages are the main tribes around here, but there are others. Most that I’ve met have seemed to me to be the best kind of folks, but, then, they are Oklahomans.



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