Mixed Bag o’ Links

Too good not to pass along:

A priest, a minister, and a rabbit walk into a bar.

The rabbit said, “I might be a type o.”

Posted by: BifBewalski on A♠ at February 29, 2020 09:11 AM

c/o: lulzer.wordpress.com


Red Diaper Baby Butt

In [Pete Buttigieg’s] dad’s many enthusiastic writings on Gramsci and Marxism, he repeatedly and specifically mentions his son Pete as a tremendous help in his writings. To the point that ‘he couldn’t have done it without him’.
Posted by: GnuBreed on A♠

More Commie than Burnie

Angelo Codevilla, American Thinker – Feb 28th, 2020
h/t GnuBreed on A♠

Pete Buttigieg is going nowhere. But were Antonio Gramsci to survey today’s America, Buttigieg’s campaign would give him reason to be hopeful. …

Thanks to our dumbed-down, politically correct educational system, more and more Americans are susceptible to identifying religion, economics, and morality in the way our corrupt ruling class embodies them. Because our ruling class—religious leaders, politicians, professors, corporate officials, Hollywood, the media—are redefining the icons of American life in their own corrupt images, people increasingly are willing to turn their backs on them. …

Why Cults Can’t Cure

h/t Tami on A♠

#Iran: from Qom, Ayatollah Tabrizian, who has denounced Western medicine as “un-Islamic”, told his 120,000 followers on Telegram that to stave off #coronavirus, “Before bedtime, drench some cotton in violet oil and apply onto your anus”.



Pope is ‘Indisposed’

Vatican Pope Sick

Amanda Woods, New York Post:

The Vatican has not specified the nature of the pope’s illness, but he was seen coughing and blowing his nose during Ash Wednesday Mass.


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