Long Term Food Storage

Jim on A♠

Vacuum seal all things such as flour, rice or beans.

Then freeze ’em, at sub-zero, for about two weeks.

There won’t be no bugs or weevils ‘live to testify against ya.

Canned goods? Store ’em as cool as you’re able.

We can’t have “root cellars’ down here on the Gulf Coast. You Northerners, can.

Don’t store your canned goods in the Pantry. Store ’em colder, and they’ll last longer.

Ammo should be at room temperature.

Hunting in sub-zero weather?

If you expect to USE your boomstick first thing at zero dark thirty (as in hunting), stow it outside of your front door.

Scope fogging ain’t yer friend.

Oh, and if you do this, RABIDLY de-oil the entire action, in detail. Chamber, too. Don’t forget the trigger mechanism.

Congealed, semi-frozen gun oil ain’t yer friend.

I’m passing on the wisdom of many high-country, cold weather hunters, before me.

You can laugh ME off, but you’d be well advised to heed THEIR advice.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX
March 15, 2020 01:58 AM



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