…And a Child’s Wild Idea Shall Mislead Them

A Kid With No Job Came Up With the Idea of Shutting Down the Economy in a Pandemic

by Victoria Taft, PJ Media

A 15-year-old New Mexico high school student came up with the original idea of socially separating during a pandemic in 2005. She theorized along the lines of “Hey if we all skip school we won’t get each other sick!” She got third place in an Intel science fair for this.

Her dad happened to be a lab rat at a major government lab and voila, within a few short years of him proving out her thesis with supercomputer modeling, we’re now in a pandemic-induced depression.

The story’s more complicated than that – obviously – but who ever thought that shutting down the economy during a pandemic was a good idea?

It turns out there were many hands involved in this debacle. …

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