We have been lied to

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

…The coronavirus fascists have succeeded in cementing their illogical, immoral, and illegal policies through the prism of false information about the timing of the virus, the specific nature and severity of the overall fatality rate, the number of actual deaths, and the utility (or perhaps harm) of lockdown policies in actually mitigating deaths – all the while obfuscating the much higher collateral deaths and damage caused by the lockdown itself.

Every day we learn new information demonstrating the lies driving lockdown. Here are some of the most important ones from over the weekend.…

  1. COVID-19 death numbers inflation
  2. longer lockdowns had worse results
  3. Outside nursing homes, the fatality rate never warranted such action
  4. Outside New York, this is barely worse than bad flu seasons
  5. Excess deaths are from the lockdowns, not the virus
  6. Social distancing was invented by a high-school kid and politicians, not scientists

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