The 100% Masks Myth

Joe Mannix (Not a cop!) commenting on A♠ at July 17, 2020

Ah, my favorite description of face mask requirements yet shows that if 100% of people wear highly-effective masks, then transmission should collapse. Okay.

Anyone want to find out where enough N95s for a 330 million population to wear several per day will come from? And who’s going to enforce the absence of facial hair for the entire population? And how many people are going to be dedicated to enforcing good mask behavior and practices?

I’ve always said, if just one generation would engage in proper sexual behavior, sexually transmitted diseases would be eliminated. No problem, eh?

AlaBAMA replied:

N95 isn’t designed to stop viruses, which measure in the microns. It’s all kabuki theatre.

Joe Mannix replied:

Eh, they don’t need to. Naked viruses floating around are pretty rare. N95s effectively block the wet complexes that carry them around in suspension. But they’re hard to breathe through.

Can’t resist temptation chimed in:

But what is the exposure after the N 95 captures the wet complexes that contain the virus?


And they leave it in the shopping cart at Wal Mart because there is no biohazard containment system in place to dispose of them?

Joe Mannix:

Yup. Yet another reason that “good mask practices” would need to be rigidly enforced. And good luck with that.

“…good mask practices” would need to be rigidly enforced. And good luck with that.


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