Fudging for the Benjamins and other stories

Keeping close track of this flu is vital. The misreporting and fudging for the Benjamins, the different methods of counting and reporting, across the country, makes hard tracking nearly impossible.

h/t Mr. Peebles on A♠

Texas coronavirus deaths hit triple digits as cases rise

Deep in the article:

The San Antonio health department began separating confirmed and probable cases this week, Chris Van Deusen, a spokesman for the state health agency, told the American-Statesman.

“Since we report confirmed cases on our dashboard, we have removed 3,484 previously reported probable cases from the statewide and Bexar County totals,” Van Deusen said in an email.

Media Should Do a Mea Culpa as French Analysis Offers a Stunning Observation About Hydroxychloroquine Use

Stacey Lennox, July 15, 2020
h/t J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠

Between this information and a study published by researchers in India, it is time for the media to do a mea culpa. Their hysteria convinced politicians in the United States to ban or restrict the drug. As Dr. David Samadi said on The Larry O’Connor Show, the decision to use this treatment needs to be left between a doctor and a patient. He has been disturbed by the interference by the government into the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Samadi re-emphasized the use of hydroxychloroquine cocktail is effective in early COVID-19 according to clinical experience and multiple studies. The FDA and NIH need to tell governors and other officials who have banned its use to lift their bans ASAP and tell pharmacists to stop questioning doctors who prescribe it.

The Hospitals Are Full… of something

A small but telling anecdote from an Ace ♠ commenter.

Wife works at liquor store. Said two nurses came in today at separate times.

First one went on and on about how her hospital was full of Covid patients, bed overflowing.

When second nurse came in, wife asked if her hospital was overflowing too. Nurse laughed and said hospital was empty, but that administrators had instructed her to say the opposite.

Second nurse said not only are there not a lot of Covid patients hospitalized, thanks to “King Abbott” the hospital could not do anything elective and thus was dead in general.

Posted by: bear with asymmetrical balls at July 16, 2020 12:04 AM

Millennials think their risk from COVID-19 is exponentially more than the true threat

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review – July 14, 2020

Four researchers published a working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research studying people’s perceived personal health risks associated with COVID-19. The most striking result of their survey of 1,500 Americans from May 6 to May 13 is that the younger the age of the respondent, the more the individual seemed concerned about the virus being deadly to them – the exact inverse of the true threat assessment of the virus.

It’s reflective of a generation that is inundated with Apple, Google, and Yahoo’s sensational news headlines on their phones and, unlike their parents and grandparents, have no minds of their own to decipher the information and interpret it with the proper context.

Mask Shamer Crashes Into Man’s Shopping Cart and Spits In His Face – And Claims She Has COVID

Bryan Preston, PJ Media – Jul 14, 2020

Lunatic Gladys Kravitz

It sounds like he’d had his receipt checked and was exiting the warehouse store when Mach rammed his cart. That was her first mistake. She then, according to the report, goes into 2020 freakout mode on him.

“I am a schoolteacher and I have COVID-19,” Mach allegedly told him, before taking her mask off and spitting in the man’s face, police said. She left the store, but was later identified by police, who arrested her on Wednesday.

Claim of superior virtue – “I am a schoolteacher” – followed by brandishing of weapon – “I have COVID-19.” Followed by a potential assault with a deadly weapon – her saliva bearing a deadly virus.

She also violated social distancing and took off her own mask to shout and spit…in the name of shaming someone else for taking off his mask a few feet earlier than she would have liked.

Question: Should someone with COVID be shopping at Costco or anywhere else? Mask or no mask?

Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data

Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, and Margaret Sietsema, PhD, Apr 01, 2020
h/t notsothoreau on A♠

Dr. Brosseau is a national expert on respiratory protection and infectious diseases and professor (retired), University of Illinois at Chicago.
Dr. Sietsema is also an expert on respiratory protection and an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

We agree that the data supporting the effectiveness of a cloth mask or face covering are very limited. We do, however, have data from laboratory studies that indicate cloth masks or face coverings offer very low filter collection efficiency for the smaller inhalable particles we believe are largely responsible for transmission, particularly from pre- or asymptomatic individuals who are not coughing or sneezing. At the time we wrote this article, we were unable to locate any well-performed studies of cloth mask leakage when worn on the face—either inward or outward leakage. As far as we know, these data are still lacking.

The guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for face coverings initially did not have any citations for studies of cloth material efficiency or fit, but some references have been added since the guidelines were first posted. We reviewed these and found that many employ very crude, non-standardized methods (Anfinrud 2020, Davies 2013, Konda 2020, Aydin 2020, Ma 2020) or are not relevant to cloth face coverings because they evaluate respirators or surgical masks (Leung 2020, Johnson 2009, Green 2012).

The CDC failed to reference the National Academies of Sciences Rapid Expert Consultation on the Effectiveness of Fabric Masks for the COVID-19 Pandemic (NAS 2020), which concludes, “The evidence from…laboratory filtration studies suggests that such fabric masks may reduce the transmission of larger respiratory droplets. There is little evidence regarding the transmission of small aerosolized particulates of the size potentially exhaled by asymptomatic or presymptomatic individuals with COVID-19.” As well, the CDC neglected to mention a well-done study of cloth material filter performance by Rengasamy et al (2014), which we reviewed in our article.

Science: Masks and Aerosols

Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker – July 4, 2020
h/t rickb223 on A♠

When we breathe normally we produce very few or no large droplets. When we sing, play a wind instrument, yell, scream, cough or sneeze we produce a fairly large number of them.

But none of this matters at all, statistically, because with each breath we produce millions of small condensate drops, and all of them which do not aggregate beyond the pore size of the medium in a mask will go right through said mask in either direction, most of those condensed molecules are produced between the lungs and either before or just after exit from the body due to condensation of the 100% RH water vapor and each of them, if you are infected with a virus, carries enough virons to infect another person.

We’ve all “seen our breath” outside when it’s cold.

That’s aggregation and condensation to a great enough degree that the aggregates are visible; there are thousands to millions more said aggregates that are too small to see and when it’s not cold outside none of them aggregate and condense sufficiently to be visible but they are all still there.

Note that during ordinary breathing the mean particle size is sub-micron. Statistically none of these are filtered in either direction by anything less than an N95.

This is why physics says that masks don’t work against viruses and exactly zero RCTs show that they do.

Never mind the repeated attempts to do so including in 1918, which did nothing to prevent the spread.

Every single person that has ever “seen their breath” in the winter months knows, if they think about it for 30 seconds, why masks can’t work and don’t.

Peter Navarro: Anthony Fauci Has Been Wrong On Every Single Claim He’s Made About Covid — A♠

Substantial Studies

LeftCoast Dawg on A♠, July 15, 2020 06:02 AM

Yeah, there is a LOT of newer information from front-line medical professionals out there, that Progda completely ignores.

The Covid virus is simply not that dangerous to working America (under 65) and especially their kids. So says the science from leading professionals in the middle of it. Over and over again.

Last week, 2 substantial studies from the Henry Ford Health System and a Mt. Zion study, both in multiple thousands, showed how to treat the relatively few that get sick from Covid. Covid simply is not a major problem, other than the elderly that were murdered by Blue State governors or those that have underlying health conditions. Period.

– And more. from Lifezette.com:
Dr. Scott Atlas, the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, spoke out on Monday to explain why the spike of COVID-19 cases across the south doesn’t really actually matter.

Atlas told Fox News that Americans should be hesitant in believing the way the media is portraying the spike in coronavirus cases because it “doesn’t really matter how many cases there are.” Instead, what really matters is “who gets the cases.”

He added that the mortality rate for coronavirus is just .04% for people under age 70, a statistic that is equal to or lower than the seasonal flu. Atlas said that the number of cases is increasing only because younger people are contracting the virus on a larger scale.
“The overwhelming majority are younger, healthier people,” Atlas explained. “It only matters if we cannot protect the high-risk people, which we are protecting… how do I know? Because the death rates are not going up.”
As long as they get to it early, it is mostly treatable.

– And here is a Texas MD with a video that will never be seen on Progda. Another moron found it a few threads ago. It’s about 9 minutes. Worth it, the Dr is pro HCQ, and says start it early when symptoms start. Made all the difference for his patients.


over 300 patients at his clinic, and 100% recovery.

– Dr. Steven Smith, head of the Smith Institute of Infectious Disease is another expert. He recommends a low dose of HCQ and zinc for everyone that is suspect, and those on the front line. He personally treated over 1,000 sick patients.

– There are many other studies from Italy, France, Germany, and elsewhere.

And they all support opening up society will be ok. Especially for kids in school. And healthy adults under 65 for work and activity.

And no masks.

It’s time that people start to demand these relevant facts be heard loud and clear from experts who have been on the front lines from the start.

Not Dr Fauci, or Nancy Pelosi, or Chris Cuomo, or Bill Gates, or Karen.

Our nation is going into a depression. Democrats and Progda don’t care. They choose to ignore the truth from the latest science from our leading professionals.


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