Democrats chose a side

Dianny at Patriot Retort – July 18, 2020

After 49 days of unremitting Antifa riots in Portland, the Department of Homeland Security deployed officers to crack down on the violence, and immediately the Democrats chose a side.

Instead of supporting a return to civil order and the rule of law, Democrats sided with civil unrest and lawlessness. And to justify their support of violent insurrectionists over America’s civil society, the Democrats flat-out lied.

The talking points are unhinged: “Unidentified agents” (or “Secret Police”) “kidnapping” “protesters” and “throwing them” into the back of “unmarked vans.”

They were DHS officers and the shoulder patches on their uniforms reflected that. So, no, they weren’t “unidentified” nor were they “secret police.”

“Kidnapping protesters” in this instance is what we on Planet Earth call “arresting criminals.” That’s what police are for, you know.

And for decades, police have used of “unmarked” vehicles. This is absolutely nothing new.

So let me translate the Democrats’ lying talking points for you. Federal officers from a clearly designated branch of Federal law enforcement began arresting violent Antifa rioters after city and state leaders refused to enforce the law for 49 days.

That’s it. That’s the story.

But the Democrats chose a side. And they sided with the violent Antifa rioters.

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Democrats chose a side


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