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How dumb can they be? Seems to be no limit.


Joe Biden, Susan Rice Leap On Hollywood Conspiracy Theory About (Nonexistent) Mailbox Removal in Oregon
Fuzzy Slippers, Legal Insurrection – August 15, 2020
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Joe Biden And Taylor Swift Embrace Bizarre U.S. Postal Service Conspiracy
Kylee Zempel, the Federalist – Aug 16, 2020

Joe Biden, Taylor Swift, members of Congress, and corporate media are embracing a bizarre conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump is having U.S. Postal Service mailboxes removed in an effort to obstruct mail-in voting in the upcoming presidential election.…

Postal Service spokesman Steve Doherty told that removing the boxes is standard procedure when they become rusted, require paint, get vandalized, or simply need to be replaced. “These trucks are on the street daily,” Doherty said of the flatbeds seen hauling the mailboxes. “They’re part of our field maintenance fleet.”…

More crazy tweets at the Federalist


USPS conspiracy

This is especially funny, because you can see how defaced and messed up the mailbox is. But, it’s not locked up because it’s inactive for reasons, no, it’s locked up because ORANGE MAN BAD!

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ICYMI This is a parody of AOC fake-crying at the border wall.



Surprise Eyes!

The ai-yi-yi’s have it!

Bill DeBlasio’s riotous daughter, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, David Camera Hogg, and popular squeeze-toy model Adam Shiftless.

Sanpaku is a term used to refer to a particular appearance of a person’s eyes. Specifically, if the white of a person’s eyes are visible either below or above the colored portion, or iris, that person is said to have sanpaku eyes. … Many practitioners of alternative medicine believe that a person who demonstrates yin sanpaku eyes has a physical or mental illness causing the mind, body, and spirit to be out of balance. This belief is supported by the fact that many people who are gravely ill or suffering from substance abuse, depression, or other mental illness, have the whites of their eyes showing below the irises to varying degrees. There is also some medical evidence to support this theory. —Wisegeek

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