How Do You Know…When You Aren’t Really Thinking?

198 Progressive thought process:

I learned a thing from my very smart professor who wrote a book on the thing. I don’t understand it, but the prof is very smart, therefore I believe it.

Now I am telling you the thing. You understand that I am very smart and educated, and i just gave you the bonafides of my learning, therefore you must now believe the thing and tell others.

“I don’t believe the thing based on XYZ”

I just told you how smart my professor is, you know how smart I am, you must believe the thing!

“No, i have a different opinion”

The only reason you won’t believe the thing is either because you are too stupid to understand how smart my professor and I are, or you are a dangerous person acting out of racism and bigotry. Either way you must be silenced before you spread your ideas to others.

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The Trusted Traitor

Fox News
On this day, Feb. 27…

This Day in History: Feb. 27

1968: At the conclusion of a CBS News special report on the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite delivers a commentary in which he says the conflict appears “mired in stalemate.”

Secret commie who wormed his way into our trust betrays America by proliferating enemy propaganda and undermining America’s will to persevere.

Walter is gone, but his spirit lives on in the commie “news” media of today.

h/t Viet Nam veteran Vic on A♠