Covid-19 Fades Away From Oklahoma


Sooner Politics – 5/23/2020 – As a public health emergency, Covid-19 (a.k.a. Wuhan Virus) is no longer a state public health emergency. That’s the message from the Oklahoma House of Representatives, who voted nearly unanimously to end the state of emergency, yesterday morning.

In fact, the data from the State Health Dept shows that the worst of the health emergency was about 6 weeks ago.….

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Cops, Pot, Law, Confusion!

Marijuana returned to Oklahoma dispensary after traffic stop

Guthrie, Oklahoma, 2019 Jul 26 (AP)

Oklahoma prosecutors have dropped all charges against two people arrested for marijuana possession during a June traffic stop who contended they were delivering the cannabis for a dispensary…

The criminal case dismissals underscore the uncertainty around Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana law that voters approved in 2018.

“Part of me wants to tell my guys, ‘Hey, if they got dope, just let them go,'” said Sheriff Damon Devereaux. “It is frustrating but we’re always willing to learn something new. It’s not our intent to violate anybody’s rights.” …