Ain’t Jemimah


There are a few other variations on this theme, but I thought this won for best seamless photoshopping. If you don’t recognize her, that’s Rachel Dolezal, a very white gal famous for being “trans-racial.”

White racists take another Black Woman’s face off the shelves.

Having resisted racist attempts to silence her for the past 130 years, Black Icon Aunt Jemima has been banished by the latest wave of White Privilege and racism. Lily white, racist, Pepsi management, has banished one of the few remaining sources of Black Pride in grocery stores. No longer will Black Children be able to see a successful Black face telling them that they are an important part of America, and that they too can be a success.

Doesn’t America care about the children? Not if they are black, says Pepsi.

Posted by: An Observation on A♠ at June 17, 2020 11:17 AM
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You don’t have to scratch a SJW leftist too deeply at all before you hit their inner core – an angry, frustrated, nagging, never-right-but-always-certain, wannabe social worker.
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…The above ad violated Facebook’s advertising policies.

What did this and other offensive Trump ads do that was so terrible? They targeted women. …

Matt Margolis, PJ Media

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