The Attempted COVID Coup of 2020

Angelo Codevilla, Real Clear Politics
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…Americans were led to believe that the virus was unusually contagious, and that it would kill up to one in 20 persons it infected—a 5 percent infection/fatality rate (IFR). Today, we still lack definitive, direct knowledge of COVID-19’s true lethality. The absence of that knowledge allows bureaucrats to continue fearmongering.

By May, a host of studies in the U.S. and around the world showing that the vast majority of COVID cases cause mild symptoms or none, and showing the IFR to be equal to or lower than that for most flus, forced the CDC to conclude that the lethality rate, far from being 5 percent, was 0.26%––double that of a typical flu. Instead of amending their recommendations in the face of this reality, the CDC and the U.S. government tried to hide it by manipulating the definition and number of COVID “cases.”…

COVID-19 is not America’s plague. There was never the slightest evidence that the virus could produce mass casualties; all evidence pointed in the opposite direction. Instead, the ruling class took this opportunity to extort the general public’s compliance with its agendas. Their claim to speak on behalf of “science” is an attempt to avoid being held accountable for the enormous harm that they are doing. They continue doing it because they want to hold on to the power the panic has brought them.

In sum, the lockdowns have been inflicted and perpetuated by people who care more about your subjugation than your health. They want to wreck the U.S. economy and increase the Democratic Party’s chances in the 2020 election. And they might succeed.…

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Mask to School – Dreaducation

Kids and Teachers Are Going to Need Therapy if Schools Follow the CDC’s Recommendations for Classrooms

Paula Bolyard, PJ Media – May 24, 2020
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the event schools reopen in the fall. The recommendations—they’re just that… for now—have teachers and parents alike wondering how such restrictions could be implemented and asking who came up with such unworkable plans. Here’s a brief summary of the suggested rules:

  • Wear masks if over the age of two
  • Discourage sharing of items or supplies that can’t be easily cleaned between uses
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces between uses
  • Develop a schedule for increased, routine cleaning and disinfection
  • All belongings separated into individual cubbies or labeled containers
  • Avoid sharing electronic devices, toys, games, or learning aids
  • Desks should be 6-feet apart and all facing the same direction
  • One child per seat on school buses and skip rows between riders
  • Install sneeze guards or partitions where 6-feet-apart won’t work
  • One-way routes in hallways
  • Tape on sidewalks and walls to ensure kids stay 6 feet apart
  • Close shared spaces like cafeterias and playgrounds
  • Physical barriers or screens between sinks in bathrooms
  • Children either bring their own meals or serve individually plated meals in the classroom
  • Kids eat lunch in classrooms
  • Virtual events in lieu of field trips
  • The same children stay with the same staff all-day
  • Avoid switching groups or teachers
  • Stagger student arrival and departure times to limit crowds of kids
  • Limit non-essential volunteers and visitors
  • If possible, daily health and temperature checks

…If followed to the letter, the CDC recommendations will be a nightmare for teachers and staff to implement and enforce, and will no doubt add to the stress and frustration they’re feeling after having their students ripped away from them mid-year. And while the CDC guidelines are just recommendations at this point, it’s likely that some school districts, and maybe even some government and local officials, will insist on implementing them.…

NY’s Anti-American Curriculum Guide

F’ing Language Warning for the supersensitive.
I did not look through the curriculum yet.
Posted for elucidation and debate.

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I have the link of the 2020 resource curriculum guide for new york. anybody with the link can view the files.


this is split up BY FUCKING AGE GROUP. they have teachers guides how to fucking indoctrinate KIDS. kindergartners etc.

think your kid is gonna learn ABCs? basic math? no – they are going to be indoctrinated!!!

this is not a fucking drill.

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Kung Flu News c/o JJS Aug 7, 10

From J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠

Friday Aug 7


Monday Aug 10




What Happened in Beirut?

Dr. David Wurmser, Foundation for American Security and Freedom
c/o & pic Center for Security Policy
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Aug 7, 2020

What we know about the blasts

Some effects of the blast are only beginning. Eighty percent of Lebanon’s grain supply (Lebanon’s strategic reserve) was incinerated, and the port through which most of Lebanon’s imported food arrived has been rendered dysfunctional. Lebanon relied on imported food for 90% of its needs, so this is a disaster which yet will unfold. Beirut port is the entry point for 70% of all imports of all goods. So Lebanon has a grave logistical challenge – few operating docks — in finding a structure to bring seaborn loads of goods and foodstuffs.…

Hangars 9 and 12

Regarding hangars 9 and 12, Lebanese are universal in their belief that Hizballah rules the critical areas of the port as a government within a government. …

The Ship [This is quite a saga just in itself]

The official version is that a ship, the Moldovan registry Rhosus, was sailing in 2013 from the Crimea to Mozambique to deliver fertilizer or explosives for mining.…

The ship’s captain, Boris Prokoshev, said the ship was not seaworthy, and nor was he. The inspector noted the captain was consistently drunk. But both the captain and the inspector understood that is why this ship or captain were chosen. No respectable ship owner or captain would do this mission. The whole crew were desperados essentially. In short, there was something untoward about the very nature of the shipment from the start.…

So what now?

As such, as hard as they are working to build their narrative, the Lebanese population with the exception of the few benefitting from Hizballah rule personally, are not buying it…at all.

What we are witnessing may indeed be the beginning of the end for Hizballah and the Syrian-Iranian Quisling government – either the official one, or the real one which has been dominating Lebanon with a steal grip since 2008.…

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