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Tomorrow (July 24) was when they returned from the moon, 1969. So, this isn’t really late. Featured earthrise image c/o

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81 I remember a lot about July 20, 1969.

We were glued to the radio, as there was no live TV broadcast of the landing (it was all over the TV, but it was just the same as the radio). Later that evening, I was ushering a concert at Carillon Park (Dayton, Ohio) with a friend as Boy Scouts. You could feel it in the air, how excited and proud everyone was.

And that night we watched the televised broadcast from the Moon.
I sat on the couch next to my Grandmother, who had known the Wright Brothers 60 plus years before. And we talked about what an incredible century it had been.

From the Wright Brothers to Apollo 11, in the lifetime of a person.

The last 50 years, maybe not so incredible.
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Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were at the White House today for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing:

And this triggered a whole lot of libs who then attacked the American hero. You can read about them here on Twitchy. But, why bother?

299 In July of 1969 a ham radio operator and amateur radio-astronomer by the name of Larry Baysinger, W4EJA, accomplished an amazing feat. He independently detected radio transmissions from the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lunar surface.

Eavesdropping on Apollo 11

“Thanks to some homemade electronic equipment, including a rebuilt 20 year old radio receiver from an Army tank (see Figure 2) and an antenna made of spare pieces of aluminum, nylon cord and chicken wire (see Figure 3 and 4), a small band of Louisvillians was able to ‘eavesdrop’ Sunday (July 20) night on the American astronauts’ conversation directly from the moon.”

These were 5 watt radio transmissions, 239,000 miles away.

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Live From the Apollo 11

by Jim Stallard, July 20, 2009

July 20, 1969, 10:20 p.m. EDT

Interior of Apollo 11 lunar module

Mission Control: Okay Eagle, you’re go for the module EVA. We’ve established visual of the ladder with the external camera. You’ll be going out on a live feed so watch your step and keep it clean, gentleman!

Neil Armstrong: (Chuckling) Roger that, Houston. Just mom and apple pie.

Mission Control: Appreciated. You can go when ready. We’ve all got our fingers crossed on the dust issue.

Armstrong: Come again Houston. The what?

Mission Control: The dust.

Armstrong: What do you mean, the dust? What are you talking about?

Read the whole thing at McSweeny’s

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