How Do You Know… What You Don’t Know?



Just wander over to a bunch of teenagers and offer $50 for a halfway decent explanation of our government, or even just the electoral college. Odds are that you will keep your money.
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32 Offer that fifty bucks to any of these college kids if they can explain the “three-fifths clause”. In my experience, most libs cannot, at all, other than thinking it signified how much blacks were “worth” as humans or something. We’re surrounded by idiots.

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51 Offer that fifty bucks to any of these college kids if they can explain the “three-fifths clause”

They get really angry and huffy when you explain it too no matter how nice you are about it or how careful you are. They are more angry that you showed them you are wrong than that someone taught them crap.

Posted by: Christopher R Taylor at July 07, 2020 11:16 AM

72 Offer that fifty bucks to any of these college kids if they can explain the “three-fifths clause”. In my experience, most libs cannot, at all, other than thinking it signified how much blacks were “worth” as humans or something. We’re surrounded by idiots.

No truer wurdz has ever been spake.

Kollidge kidz can’t make correct change or even fix a flat tire. Proof, as if we needed any more, that if you dumb down a populace, they can be made to believe any stoopid thing they’re told to believe.

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78 They get really angry and huffy when you explain it too no matter how nice you are about it or how careful you are. They are more angry that you showed them you are wrong than that someone taught them crap. They’ve been indoctrinated to be angry emotional idiots with sky-high self-esteem. They haven’t been given knowledge, they’ve been given jargon which they repeat by rote and believe they’re ‘thinking.’

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Yeltsin’s Aha! Moment

When Boris Yeltsin went grocery shopping in Clear Lake

Craig Hlavaty, New Haven Registry

The fact that stores like these were on nearly every street corner in America amazed him. They even offered him free cheese samples.

In September 1989, Russian president Boris Yeltsin and a handful of Soviet companions made an unscheduled 20-minute visit to a Randall's Supermarket after touring the Johnson Space Center.See more photos of the foreign leader in an American grocery store... Photo: © Houston Chronicle

“When I saw those shelves crammed with hundreds, thousands of cans, cartons and goods of every possible sort, for the first time I felt quite frankly sick with despair for the Soviet people,” Yeltsin wrote. “That such a potentially super-rich country as ours has been brought to a state of such poverty! It is terrible to think of it.”

Statue Of Liberty Kept Her Promises

On My Anniversary Of Earning U.S. Citizenship, The Statue Of Liberty Kept Her Promises

Immigrants like me who have lived in places with neither economic nor political freedom can attest that this is the greatest nation on earth, and we are so glad to be part of it.
Helen Raleigh


This month marks my six-year anniversary of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. What’s a better way to celebrate it than visiting the Statue of Liberty? I had been to New York City many times and had admired her from a distance, but somehow a visit to the statue just couldn’t fit into my schedule in the past.

For this trip, however, my husband and I made sure we set aside plenty of time just for her. To save time, we stayed in a hotel only a few minutes’ walk from Battery Park, a famed historical park at the very southern tip of Manhattan, where one can catch a ferry to tour the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.…

The ferry did a good job of letting us admire her from all angles. The green goddess was more magnificent than I had imagined. She greeted me like an old friend — after all, I had seen her images many times before.

At the same time, the sight of her still made my heart pound, and I was filled with excitement and joy. I couldn’t help wondering: Was this how millions of immigrants felt when they first saw her and knew they had finally arrived at the land of freedom and opportunity?…

Read it all at The Federalist

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Liberty pre-assembly pic:

The Real Slavery Mindset


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But I repeat myself, for about the fourth time in as many years. This is for all of those — black, white, and other — who think white “supremacy” is a thing.

“Black people—not just those who are American—view white people in the same manner that anti-theists view God.”

Anti-theists are different from atheists. Even though anti-theists deny God’s existence with their mouths and keyboards, they believe in Him…and they hate Him.”

“Many black people have a similar view of white people: they view all of you as their hated masters — yes, still, in [2019] — but their masters, nonetheless. Moreover, as our masters, it is your duty to feed, clothe, and house us; and to give us anything else we ask of you.”

“As history shows, before the Civil Rights Era, most black Americans were Republicans; now, because of well-crafted strategy implemented by LBJ, et al., most are Democrats.”

“That strategy is based on the real slavery mindset: that whoever provides the most things — whoever is the most generous patron to black people — is a friend to black people.”

“LBJ knew this; therefore, he strove to transform his party’s image into that of the good and generous patron.”

“[Definition of] Patron: 5 : a master in ancient times who freed his slave but retained some rights over him.”

“Even though the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 respectively disallowed patronage and de jure serfdom, the mindset remains embedded in the progeny of the former slaves/serfs.”

“Thus, since the CRA, most black Americans have given their allegiance to the Democrat Party and, because of the mindset, they have certain expectations of white Americans — those expected of a patron.”

“From that notion comes this one: many black liberals believe that black conservatives give their allegiance to the Republican Party for the exact same reason, and that they are, therefore, sell-outs.”

“Note that, to black liberals, even politics always involves some imagined sale of black persons.”

“They are unable to view white persons outside of the master/patron/domination paradigm and cannot envision any relationship between black persons and white persons outside of that perspective.”

“Somebody has to be on top. And, in light of our past and our indoctrinated and unacknowledged feelings of inferiority, most black liberals believe it will be you, my white friends.”

“Most black conservatives have freed themselves from this mindset, but, like all long-term indoctrination, it remains insidious.”

“Therefore, I conclude this: until the majority of black people get white people out of their heads and begin view you as EQUALS, the shouts of racism will continue, as will the shout-down of the truly emancipated.”

“Freedom begins inside.”

Unchained mind image:

50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

Competitive Enterprise Institute
Myron Ebell, Steven J. Milloy • September 18, 2019

…Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.…

1969: ‘Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.’

Source: New York Times, August 10 1969

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Ehrlich 1972 : “Everyone Will Disappear In A Cloud Of Blue Steam”

Could Have Had Cellphones in the 1950s

We Could Have Had Cell Phones 40 Years Earlier

This technology was intentionally prevented from getting off the ground for decades.

The basic idea of the cellphone was introduced to the public in 1945 – not in Popular Mechanics or Science, but in the down-home Saturday Evening Post. Millions of citizens would soon be using “handie-talkies,” declared J.K. Jett, the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Licenses would have to be issued, but that process “won’t be difficult.” The revolutionary technology, Jett promised in the story, would be formulated within months.

But permission to deploy it would not. The government would not allocate spectrum to realize the engineers’ vision of “cellular radio” until 1982, and licenses authorizing the service would not be fully distributed for another seven years. That’s one heck of a bureaucratic delay.…

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From Mindful Webworks “Getting From Here to There” series on transportation:

Could Have Been Much Worse

NaCly Dog on A♠:

September 11th.

We got lucky. Even if the hijackers were not stopped by those security people or the police in their traffic stops, as known wolves.

The towers held together long enough to get most out. A tribute to sound design, solid Union workmanship, and heroes leading people out of the buildings.

If the attack was later in the morning, the towers hit lower, and the towers fell quickly, that is 70,000 dead. A nuke hit level of dead.

Plus the Pentagon had one wall (of 5) just upgraded in strength. The wall the jet hit. Could have been a lot worse there.

And finally, the brave passengers and crew of Flight 93 fought back, and stopped 25% of the attack, when the Air Force was not effective in stopping any of it.

That day is vivid in my memory. I will never forget.

Milady and I had gone to town late in the morning, turned on the news, and heard, “The World Trade Centers are gone.” I didn’t yet know how, but I knew who, damn them.

Came back to the ranch and told the kids the news, as much as we had at that point. I told them, this is your Pearl Harbor.


They utterly destroyed the Axis in only four years.

Moon Links

Tomorrow (July 24) was when they returned from the moon, 1969. So, this isn’t really late. Featured earthrise image c/o

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81 I remember a lot about July 20, 1969.

We were glued to the radio, as there was no live TV broadcast of the landing (it was all over the TV, but it was just the same as the radio). Later that evening, I was ushering a concert at Carillon Park (Dayton, Ohio) with a friend as Boy Scouts. You could feel it in the air, how excited and proud everyone was.

And that night we watched the televised broadcast from the Moon.
I sat on the couch next to my Grandmother, who had known the Wright Brothers 60 plus years before. And we talked about what an incredible century it had been.

From the Wright Brothers to Apollo 11, in the lifetime of a person.

The last 50 years, maybe not so incredible.
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Apollo 11 astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were at the White House today for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing:

And this triggered a whole lot of libs who then attacked the American hero. You can read about them here on Twitchy. But, why bother?

299 In July of 1969 a ham radio operator and amateur radio-astronomer by the name of Larry Baysinger, W4EJA, accomplished an amazing feat. He independently detected radio transmissions from the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lunar surface.

Eavesdropping on Apollo 11

“Thanks to some homemade electronic equipment, including a rebuilt 20 year old radio receiver from an Army tank (see Figure 2) and an antenna made of spare pieces of aluminum, nylon cord and chicken wire (see Figure 3 and 4), a small band of Louisvillians was able to ‘eavesdrop’ Sunday (July 20) night on the American astronauts’ conversation directly from the moon.”

These were 5 watt radio transmissions, 239,000 miles away.

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Live From the Apollo 11

by Jim Stallard, July 20, 2009

July 20, 1969, 10:20 p.m. EDT

Interior of Apollo 11 lunar module

Mission Control: Okay Eagle, you’re go for the module EVA. We’ve established visual of the ladder with the external camera. You’ll be going out on a live feed so watch your step and keep it clean, gentleman!

Neil Armstrong: (Chuckling) Roger that, Houston. Just mom and apple pie.

Mission Control: Appreciated. You can go when ready. We’ve all got our fingers crossed on the dust issue.

Armstrong: Come again Houston. The what?

Mission Control: The dust.

Armstrong: What do you mean, the dust? What are you talking about?

Read the whole thing at McSweeny’s

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