Cogent Current Coronavirus Comments

From the A♠ Early Morning Thread
(Combining several of Darwin’s comments)

Vic: McDonald’s is requiring workers and customers both to wear a mask in their

Damn I love this timeline.

“Wear this mask when entering this restaurant specifically to use your fingers to
buy food using the touch keypad of the Visa card reader. When ready to consume
food, remove mask and place it somewhere beside you, then consume food that you
will push into your mouth with your bare fingers. Replace mask with fingers after
you finish eating.”

— And don’t think too hard about the hygiene of the dropouts and criminals
preparing your food. I’m sure they’re changing gloves often when adjusting their
masks or after using the bathroom.

No urgent need to wash hands anymore what with all the gloves, right?

— I guarantee you there is more fecal matter on shopping buggies, cash register
checkout buttons, and office mice / keyboards than there is sneeze-droplets
floating through the air looking for some person without a face shield to attack.

There is poop everywhere
and on everything.

— I won’t fault anyone who is terrified or compromised for storming that vaccine
beach and hoping their arms don’t stop working as a trade off, but it makes
absolutely zero sense for the vast majority of people under 60 to even halfway
consider it.

Posted by: Charles Darwin

Comrades, if you go to a riot you can’t get it. If you go to John Lewis’ funeral
you can’t get it. If you go to church/synagogue or vote in person we’ll all
Posted by: TheQuietMan


2 thoughts on “Cogent Current Coronavirus Comments

  1. I went to a friend’s wedding on Saturday. Everyone except the bride, groom, and bridesmaids was required to wear a mask for the duration of the ceremony. We sat scattered about the auditorium, not allowed to sit next to anyone to whom we were not married or related by blood. After the ceremony, we all went down to the church basement, where we filled our plates at the buffet, sat down, and removed our masks to eat. Because everyone knows you can’t catch Covid when you’re eating.

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  2. So, are the bride, groom, and bridesmaids in honeymoon quarantine? Living dangerously!!

    Was the officiate masked? “Do oo, rrraryy, tak thimmmflb lawful wmngl to have anndglmbph…”

    I have yet to be in any situation where anyone said anything about my unmaskedness. True, I don’t get out much, but the few stores we frequent don’t care if we walk wrong-way down an aisle, and we haven’t encountered any Mask Police. Some restaurants the staff are all masked; others, nobody ever was masked. Guess where we prefer to dine. Living dangerously!!

    The other day at the store, I felt a little tickle in my throat I couldn’t suppress (my summer-long allergic cough), so I took out the bandanna (which I’ve carried for months in my back pocket) and gently coughed into that. It was about closing time, the store about empty. I don’t think anyone noticed. So, I have used a “mask,” once, during this dempanic.


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