How Do You Know…When You Aren’t Really Thinking?

198 Progressive thought process:

I learned a thing from my very smart professor who wrote a book on the thing. I don’t understand it, but the prof is very smart, therefore I believe it.

Now I am telling you the thing. You understand that I am very smart and educated, and i just gave you the bonafides of my learning, therefore you must now believe the thing and tell others.

“I don’t believe the thing based on XYZ”

I just told you how smart my professor is, you know how smart I am, you must believe the thing!

“No, i have a different opinion”

The only reason you won’t believe the thing is either because you are too stupid to understand how smart my professor and I are, or you are a dangerous person acting out of racism and bigotry. Either way you must be silenced before you spread your ideas to others.

Posted by: Cat Ass Trophy on A♠ at July 07, 2020 10:11 AM


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