Mask to School – Dreaducation

Kids and Teachers Are Going to Need Therapy if Schools Follow the CDC’s Recommendations for Classrooms

Paula Bolyard, PJ Media – May 24, 2020
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the event schools reopen in the fall. The recommendations—they’re just that… for now—have teachers and parents alike wondering how such restrictions could be implemented and asking who came up with such unworkable plans. Here’s a brief summary of the suggested rules:

  • Wear masks if over the age of two
  • Discourage sharing of items or supplies that can’t be easily cleaned between uses
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces between uses
  • Develop a schedule for increased, routine cleaning and disinfection
  • All belongings separated into individual cubbies or labeled containers
  • Avoid sharing electronic devices, toys, games, or learning aids
  • Desks should be 6-feet apart and all facing the same direction
  • One child per seat on school buses and skip rows between riders
  • Install sneeze guards or partitions where 6-feet-apart won’t work
  • One-way routes in hallways
  • Tape on sidewalks and walls to ensure kids stay 6 feet apart
  • Close shared spaces like cafeterias and playgrounds
  • Physical barriers or screens between sinks in bathrooms
  • Children either bring their own meals or serve individually plated meals in the classroom
  • Kids eat lunch in classrooms
  • Virtual events in lieu of field trips
  • The same children stay with the same staff all-day
  • Avoid switching groups or teachers
  • Stagger student arrival and departure times to limit crowds of kids
  • Limit non-essential volunteers and visitors
  • If possible, daily health and temperature checks

…If followed to the letter, the CDC recommendations will be a nightmare for teachers and staff to implement and enforce, and will no doubt add to the stress and frustration they’re feeling after having their students ripped away from them mid-year. And while the CDC guidelines are just recommendations at this point, it’s likely that some school districts, and maybe even some government and local officials, will insist on implementing them.…


Kung Flu News c/o JJS Aug 7, 10

From J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on A♠

Friday Aug 7


Monday Aug 10




Next up on The Agenda: The Vaccine

Even where Law allows otherwise, some businesses now insist customers wear a mask or no sale, no service.

Next up on The Agenda: The Vaccine. Latest I read, 129 in development worldwide. GINORMOUS $$$$ involved. And power and control.

Of course, a vaccine will be useless for most, dangerous and even deadly for many, and protect few. Like most annual flu vaccines. Likely worse.

Nevertheless, even where Law might say otherwise, you will be made to be vaccinated, or no sale, no service.


“And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark.” -Rev 13


But how would anyone know if you were vaccinated?

Bill (Blue Screen of Death) Gates has got this one covered.

With Bill’s vaccine, you get, at no extra charge, a bioluminescent enzyme, radiating in the near infra red, detection of which serves as your “vaccinated” tattoo.


Oh, and the name of the enzyme?

Just coincidentally,


It’s just Latin for, it glows.

Nothing suspicious here.

Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination

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Kung Flu News c/o JJS Aug 5-6

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Kung Flu News Today c/o JJ


From J.J. Sefton’s Morning Report on Ace of Spades, Aug 4, 2020

Web of Sedition

Bad Kitty on Twitter
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Protests are anything but spontaneous in the US. They’re highly organized with multiple Democrat orgs colluding. …

I promised you this, take a look at the massive protest data. I have this backed up.
Everyone missed this. This is a link to every resistance org and who started them as of the list creation date. It grows every year.

People like Eric Holder, journalists, ACLU, former HRC staff, former Obama staff, Bernie supporters, techies, etc.…

Absolute Proof of Obama OFA coordinating with Indivisible which fights Trumps agenda and is involved in nearly all anti Trump protests. As proven above

We have a past president organizing and fighting a current president. This is sedition…

See the whole post

Teen Vogue Goes Full Marxist

Teen Vogue to Teen Girls: Marx Good, Reagan Bad

Trendy ignorance never had it so good.
Paul Kengor, American Spectator – July 20, 2020
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So, Teen Vogue goes after Reagan. Oh, well. For a magazine that publishes “A Guide to Anal Sex” for your 13-year-old daughter, ripping the Gipper seems the least of its sins.

But forget Reagan. Teen Vogue recommends an alternative inspiration to young girls: Karl Marx.

That Teen Vogue gem, “Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar,” informs girls how Marx’s “ideas can still teach us about the past and present.” Among those ideas: “There’s this myth of the free market, but Marx shows very clearly that capitalism emerged through a state of violence.”

You see, it’s capitalism, not communism, that begets violence. Quite a claim for an ideology responsible for the deaths of at least 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

Uncertain Alienable Rights

…that we are endowed by our you know the thing…
…with certain rights the king can say what and when…

Jen the original commenting on A♠ at July 17, 2020

Yesterday, a Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit Emagine theater (part of the chain) in Royal Oak Michigan filed against Whitmer’s orders that movie theaters have to stay closed.

The theater had wanted to open for a day to celebrate Juneteeth and show the requisite films. When they began advertising in defiance of Whitmer’s orders, she sent her legal dragon, the AG on them, who sent a letter threatening legal action . The theater dropped they idea and filed a suit instead.

This judge had previously ordered an injunction against the state gov. on behalf of a gym owner, allowing him to open. Then the sixth Circuit overturned his order, demanding the gym owner stay closed.

So with that experience under his belt, he dismissed this lawsuit and stated the following.

“The Supreme Court(Michigan?) and Sixth Circuit court have made it clear that the Individual rights in the Constitution are not absolute. They can be malleable during an emergency, therefore I am dismissing this suit as the State is not violating the 1st amendment as was alleged by the plaintiffs.”

Make sure you read again that the courts have determined that the Constitution can be suspended when a gov official says they can.

Judge upholds Gov. Whitmer’s order closing movie theaters amid coronavirus

We have been lied to

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

…The coronavirus fascists have succeeded in cementing their illogical, immoral, and illegal policies through the prism of false information about the timing of the virus, the specific nature and severity of the overall fatality rate, the number of actual deaths, and the utility (or perhaps harm) of lockdown policies in actually mitigating deaths – all the while obfuscating the much higher collateral deaths and damage caused by the lockdown itself.

Every day we learn new information demonstrating the lies driving lockdown. Here are some of the most important ones from over the weekend.…

  1. COVID-19 death numbers inflation
  2. longer lockdowns had worse results
  3. Outside nursing homes, the fatality rate never warranted such action
  4. Outside New York, this is barely worse than bad flu seasons
  5. Excess deaths are from the lockdowns, not the virus
  6. Social distancing was invented by a high-school kid and politicians, not scientists

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Massachusetts Telegraphed Governors’ COVID-19 Oppression 70 Years Ago

Brian Camenker at American Thinker

…On August 29, 1949, the USSR successfully detonated its first atomic bomb. Cold War panic ignited across America. There were fears of a Soviet invasion of the United States. The following year, the Massachusetts Legislature reacted by passing the “Civil Defense Act — Chapter 639 of the Acts of 1950.”

The main stated purpose of the law was to give the state government a way to “effectively minimize the damage” from “attack, sabotage, or other hostile action” by “enemies of the United States.” The Legislature also included some other categories of disasters that cause physical damage: “disaster or catastrophe resulting from riot or other civil disturbance; or by fire, flood, earthquake or other natural causes.”

That law gives the governor the power to proclaim a “state of emergency” throughout Massachusetts. During the state of emergency, the governor is given extraordinary powers — and can supersede existing statutes if he chooses. Those powers, which are broadly listed in the statute, are quite frightening, and many appear unconstitutional. They are clearly laid out to deal with enemy attacks, riots, etc. For example, cooperation with military and naval forces is described. Nothing in the law addresses or implies public health concerns or pandemics.…

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