Uncertain Alienable Rights

…that we are endowed by our you know the thing…
…with certain rights the king can say what and when…

Jen the original commenting on A♠ at July 17, 2020

Yesterday, a Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit Emagine theater (part of the chain) in Royal Oak Michigan filed against Whitmer’s orders that movie theaters have to stay closed.

The theater had wanted to open for a day to celebrate Juneteeth and show the requisite films. When they began advertising in defiance of Whitmer’s orders, she sent her legal dragon, the AG on them, who sent a letter threatening legal action . The theater dropped they idea and filed a suit instead.

This judge had previously ordered an injunction against the state gov. on behalf of a gym owner, allowing him to open. Then the sixth Circuit overturned his order, demanding the gym owner stay closed.

So with that experience under his belt, he dismissed this lawsuit and stated the following.

“The Supreme Court(Michigan?) and Sixth Circuit court have made it clear that the Individual rights in the Constitution are not absolute. They can be malleable during an emergency, therefore I am dismissing this suit as the State is not violating the 1st amendment as was alleged by the plaintiffs.”

Make sure you read again that the courts have determined that the Constitution can be suspended when a gov official says they can.

Judge upholds Gov. Whitmer’s order closing movie theaters amid coronavirus


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